The real tragedy was our response. Those killed were victims of a crime. Our response was to treat this crime as an act of war. While we rightly mourn those lost to this heinous crime committed on 9.11 who is responsible for the thousands killed and maimed for life by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? We Americans are. I mourn for those lost in these wars as much as I do those lost on 9.11. There are Americans today living in luxury because they profited from 20 years of war. They will play golf today or swim in their pool all because our leaders were fools who acted like thugs itching for a fight instead of acting like wise men who cared for our sons and daughters. History will judge these men and women who chose to fight unnecessary wars as much a criminal as the murderers who committed the crimes on 9.11.

I’m from West LA, moved to SF at age 19. I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.