The Final Solution for Israel, Gaza and West Bank

Only one solution. When two different cultures/ethnic people live in one Country they either learn to live with each other or fight forever like we do here in the USA. There’s only one solution for the land on earth now named as Israel, Gaza and West Bank. Make it one country: The United States of Israel and Palestine. It will have 3 states within it; Judea Gaza and West Bank. Equal rights for all. Anyone can live anywhere within the states. No more forcing palesinians out of their homes. Hamas and far right jewish political parties are outlawed. The USIP operates as we do here in the USA.
No need to talk of a two state solution. That’s as ridiculous as saying we should make seperate states in the usa for different ethnic groups.
Who will object to my plan? Only people who want others to be slaves, religious maniacs and small minded fearful people who think their shit doesn’t stink like everyone else.
Who will say I’m an idealistic dreamer and my plan has a snowball’s chance in hell? I will be the first to say it. That is because fear is the devil and apparently the people in power in the places called israel, west bank and gaza prefer to worship the devil and live in hell instead of worshiping love and live in a garden. Oh now the jews will blame the palestinians and the palestinians will blame the jews. See, i was right. Instead of accepting responsibility for the shit show they live in both sides live in fear, blame the other and live in hell.

I’m from West LA, moved to SF at age 19. I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.