My Plan For Israel and Palestine

Create one country, one nation. The United States of Israel and Palestine. Call it the USIP. The states are Gaza, Judea and West Bank with equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Religious political parties are banned from government and can remain as social clubs (hamas and far right wing jewish parties). All Arab countries recognize the new country and Israeli Jews are invited to return to live and thrive in peace in the countries their parents and grandparents used to live in. Palestininans may return to areas their parents and grandpatents lived in in the state of Judea. The state of Judea will have Israel’s borders before the 1967 war and will remain symbolicly a jewish state with the right of return for jews living in the diaspora. Jersusalem is the capitol of the nation. The walls are torn down. The ‘settlements’ are now simply towns in the state of ‘West Bank’. Tel Aviv is the capitol of the state of Judea. Ramallah the capital of the state of West Bank, Gaza City the capital of the state of Gaza. The entire country becomes a democratic republic like the USA with a constitution and a Bill of Rights. The Rule of law prevails.

It’s the only solution for the people who live on this land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea if they want to live in peace with each other. One nation, three states. After all, all shit smells the same. Is it really necessary for these people to live in seperate shit houses and throw their shit at each other like abandoned savage children, like monkeys? They could share their god forsaken lavatory they find themselves living in and live peacefully like civilized humans instead.

But of course most of the leaders of the people who live there prefer the power they have to swim in their own shit and throw it at the other side instead of cooperating to share the cost to operate crappers they could share and save themselves from living in a perpetual nighmare.

So my vision to allow the people who live there to live in peace in a new nation, The USIP, is just a fiction. What chance does it have to become a reality?

And by the way, the reasons why both hamas supporters and far right wing israelis will object to my plan are exactly the reasons why my plan should be implemented. The hardliners will divide peaceful people forever and must be stoppped. Or the people will swim in the swimming pools they fill with their shit forever.

I'm just a dreamer. Maybe you are too?

I’m from West LA, moved to SF at age 19. I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.