My message to the IDF

Arabs think about time differently than Europeans.

The past is more present with them.

They will fight forever. They are not like the natives in the USA or europeans whose soldiers understand the concept of surrender, acceptance, compromise.

They have Allah behind them. For centuries. So....


You guys better get your leaders to make a deal with moderate Palestinian leaders to make one Nation with 3 states, Gaza, Israel and West Bank. Call it the United State of Judea. Equal right for all. Make it a representative republic with democracy modeled after, well, ok, the USA.

Hamas and Jewish religious political parties are banned from being part of government.

Let cooler heads prevail.
Or, those mother fuckers at Hamas will tunnel right under all of Israel and come out at night like cockroaches and blow the place up.
You just gotta wipe out Hamas. Take back Gaza. Destroy Hamas. Lay down the law then let their be a non-violent Palestinian country. But bickering cousins would be better off uniting. If only the religiouis maniacs could understand that....

Israel, Try to make a deal. If not, wipe out those mother fuckers before they wipe out you. Don't think they don't have a plan.

I’m from West LA, moved to SF at age 19. I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.