Manipulation by a Master Manipulator

trumps MAGA plan to manipulate Republicans into hating and demonizing democrats worked. His maga slogan is specifially designed to make weak willed feeble minded people remember a time in the past when their daddy protected them from the bogeyman. The phrase maga triggers memory to a time that was great in your life. For many people that was childhood. Trump has become their daddy figure. He has told his followers that democrats are the bogeyman and they are socialists. trump supporters like fearful kids who will believe anything daddy says have been brainwashed to be fearful of democrats and socialism with no clear understanding of what it is. They have been manipulated into being fearful of a non existent threat. Now they cling to trump to protect them from the bogeyman like a frightened child being manipulated by an abusive parent. Trump supporters with their fear and name calling of democrats are the most pathetic people in American history. They have been manipulated and won’t admit it. Their defense of trump is worse than a joke. When will they wake up and see how ridiculous their fears are? Most democrats are not rabid leftists. Most Republicans were simply conservative until their hatred of liberals let themselves become trump supporters. Trump supporters, it’s time to get over it! Trump conned you and now its simply pathetic to continue to support him. Grow up and reclaim your dignity and humanity.

I’m from West LA, moved to SF at age 19. I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.