The real tragedy was our response. Those killed were victims of a crime. Our response was to treat this crime as an act of war. While we rightly mourn those lost to this heinous crime committed on 9.11 who is responsible for the thousands killed and maimed for life by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? We Americans are. I mourn for those lost in these wars as much as I do those lost on 9.11. There are Americans today living in luxury because they profited from 20 years of war. They will play golf today or swim in their…

Create one country, one nation. The United States of Israel and Palestine. Call it the USIP. The states are Gaza, Judea and West Bank with equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Religious political parties are banned from government and can remain as social clubs (hamas and far right wing jewish parties). All Arab countries recognize the new country and Israeli Jews are invited to return to live and thrive in peace in the countries their parents and grandparents used to live in. Palestininans may return to areas their parents and grandpatents lived in in the state of Judea. The…

My message to the IDF

Arabs think about time differently than Europeans.

The past is more present with them.

They will fight forever. They are not like the natives in the USA or europeans whose soldiers understand the concept of surrender, acceptance, compromise.

They have Allah behind them. For centuries. So....


You guys better get your leaders to make a deal with moderate Palestinian leaders to make one Nation with 3 states, Gaza, Israel and West Bank. Call it the United State of Judea. Equal right for all. …

Loving America

It is hard to love the USA as much as I did knowing there are millions of people living amongst us normal people who are brainwashed and still think trump should be the leader of our country and millions of people with absolutely no common sense and whose wokeness and sense of entitlement is as toxic as outright racists.

The Final Solution for Israel, Gaza and West Bank

Only one solution. When two different cultures/ethnic people live in one Country they either learn to live with each other or fight forever like we do here in the USA. There’s only one solution for the land on earth now named as Israel, Gaza and West Bank. Make it one country: The United States of Israel and Palestine. It will have 3 states within it; Judea Gaza and West Bank. Equal rights for all. Anyone can live anywhere within the states. No more forcing palesinians out of their homes. Hamas and…

The way I see it trump has given aid and comfort to those who would try to stop Biden from taking over as POTUS.

Congress should kick him out trump asap. Heres what our constitution says. What do you think?

Fourteenth Amendment

Section 3

No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any…

trumps MAGA plan to manipulate Republicans into hating and demonizing democrats worked. His maga slogan is specifially designed to make weak willed feeble minded people remember a time in the past when their daddy protected them from the bogeyman. The phrase maga triggers memory to a time that was great in your life. For many people that was childhood. Trump has become their daddy figure. He has told his followers that democrats are the bogeyman and they are socialists. trump supporters like fearful kids who will believe anything daddy says have been brainwashed to be fearful of democrats and socialism…

Dinosuars lived on earth 165 million years.

We have only been here for about 5 to 7 million years. We only began using tools about 2 to 3 million years ago.

We’ve only had “civilization” for about 10,000 years as far as we can tell. But let’s be generous and add a 0 and say humans have been living in “civilizations” for about 100,000 years but we only can find evidence that goes back about 10,000 years.

We are so young. Are gonna last? What the heck???!!!!!

today felt like somebody turned the lights on in the kitchen

in the middle of the night

and all the cockroaches scurried back into hiding

biden will be the potus now

Same as Hitler’s in Nuremberg. Only difference is that some who attended trump’s will simply die from having attended.

Human beings are despetate to connect to other human beings. Once connected to a cult leader they will die for their dear leader.

These human beings sacrifice their humanity to the will of their leader. They become barely human and behave more like insects than like human beings. Sometimes they stay isolated away from societies like the cult of Jim Jones. Or they stay isolated within the borders of their own country like in North Korea. Other times they spill out of their own country as the Germans did and then they need to be exterminated. Will they return to their caves and nooks and crannies in the USA? Or will we have to exterminate them here as well?

David Louis Klein

I’m from West LA, moved to SF at age 19. I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

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