International diplomacy

Only women should be diplomats. Russian women and Ukranian women should settle things. Women from China and women from Taiwan should work out their issues. The men with their absurd armies and navies and air forces should just go back to base and plsy sports. War, the militay, is an anachronism. Enough is enough. Let the ladies work it out. They will argue endlessly. Fight it out on the negotiating table! And save humanity!

Cash is king

Long before trump became potus I’ve written that in the USA

Cash is king

Corporation CEOs are the prime ministers

Congress are court jesters

The potus is the head jester

The generals are still generals

And judges, they are pawns.

Apparently I was right.

when you want to meet every one on the plant who is alive.

Lady in Petaluma, California, united States of America


I took a hike in a park near Petaluma. I met this lady who’s mom died on this day. And she was hiking on the trail that led to the top of the highest hill in the park.